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"Think First of Your Unborn Child!" Rex Morgan M.D.
"REX MORGAN, MD, TALKS ... ABOUT YOUR UNBORN CHILD" This was produced in 1969 for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The copy, script and artwork was supervised by Dr. Nick Dallis, creator of the popular comic strip, Rex Morgan, M.D. This book was printed only in English. Another very similar comic, with the same basic story line, but with different artwork that featured Native American Indians, "THINK FIRST OF YOUR UNBORN CHILD!' REX MORGAN, MD was also printed in both English and Spanish, and was used primarily to target Native Americans and women living in the Southwestern United States. The books tells the reader about the possible lasting and severe consequences of FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME on the unborn baby for women who drink alcohol during their pregnancies. Lack of education about the very real possible effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancies was the primary reason for this book, and it doesn't pull any punches, either. The important message in this book is one simple fact: WHEN YOU SMOKE, DRINK ALCOHOL, OR USE DRUGS DURING PREGANCY, IT IS JUST LIKE GIVING IT TO YOUR UNBORN CHILD AT THE SAME TIME! Scary Thought. And the damage to an unborn baby can be both PHYSICAL AND MENTAL! But the major problem with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME is that the damage to an unborn baby can be PERMANENT, lasting long after the baby is born. Terrible things such as the third most common cause of MENTAL RETARDATION is from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and yet ifs he only known cause of mental retardation that CAN BE PREVENTED, so why on Earth would a woman drink alcohol if she already knows this? But consuming alcohol during pregnancy can cause other problems, such as below normal intelligence, and slower than normal learning abilities, which are PERMANENT. And babies with fetal alcohol syndrome ae smaller and often require special care, along with facial features that are not normal-babies often look more like each other (such as with Down Syndrome) than members of their own families! Heart, bone, and genital defects are common, also. This is probably the MOST INFORMATIVE book ever written on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you know someone who is pregnant, get her this book to read! And be sure to tell her that ALL women who know they are pregnant should go to a MATERNITY CLINIC or see their own personal doctor as soon as possible for the excellent advice she can be given on dealing with her pregnancy. And above all, for a SAFE AND HEALTHY BABY. remember that THE \\iOMB THAT YOUR BABY GROWS IN FOR NINE MONTHS BEFORE BIRTH CAN BE MORE IMPORT ANT THAN ANY OTHER HOME Y UR HILD WILL LIVE IN DURING ITS LIFETIME! Get this book. Read it. For the health of your child!
Ater, Malcom
Field Enterprises, Inc.
Green Folder - Comics and Descriptions
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Malcom Ater Collection