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Copper... The Oldest and the Newest Metal
"COPPER, THE OLDEST AND NEWEST METAL" was first produced in 1954 by COMMERCIAL COMICS for the Copper Development Association in consultation with an official committee of the National Science Teachers Association. It was approved by them as a teaching aid for the advancement of copper development. This is a great way to learn about Copper and its many uses! We learn that Copper is the first known metal, used during the Stone Age for making crude weapons because it is very pliable and easy to work with. But besides weapons, Copper was highly favored for use in jewelry, ornaments, cooking utensils such as frying pans, and even warships going back to the beginning of known civilization over 5,000 years ago with the beginning of the Bronze Age. Even the famed 4'Colossus of Rhodes, One of the Seven Wonders of the World" was made of Bronze, which comes from Copper. We learn the many interesting uses of Copper and how all civilizations have used it and prized it for its versatility. Through the years copper has been the foundation for inventions by Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, to name only a few (with many of their inventions graphically displayed). But it doesn't stop there, Copper has been the hallmark of industry, too, ranging in use from dams and generators to transmit America's electricity for light and power, to using it for the construction of railroads, automobiles, shipping vessels, radios and televisions, even for building Goliath buildings such as the Empire State Building with more than one minion pounds of copper and brass and it has been used for coinage since the ancient Romans began minting their own coins of copper to our present day use of copper for pennies. Even today, the Importance of copper is saluted as the symbol of America's GREAT DIVERSITY AND FREEDOMS by the fact that our own Statue of Liberty is made from Copper. But when you get right down to it, you realize that our whole world revolves around the use of Copper, the Metal that: is truly the backbone of American Life and World Civilization. This book is full of insightful art for the many uses of art, and how it has been used continuously since the beginning of time to become the world's most useful and needed metal. Excellent artwork by the legendary Jack Sparling portrays it in various stages of use and how it has played such an outstandingly prominent role in the world's development. Easy to see how this book became an important tool in the teaching of history and geography and why it was republished over and over again. A must see book with must know information! This 7' x 1 O", 16-page book is
Sparling, Jack
Ater, Malcom
Commercial Comics, Inc.
Green Folder - Comics and Descriptions
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